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So, what exactly is IT Soup To Nuts anyway?

Well, it’s a long story. I am an IT “Lifer”; I started in IT when I was 9 years old and started writing software for money when I was 10. Over time friends of the family and later on work colleagues and even later on my children would ask for help sorting out there “computer woes”.

In the days of early personal computers it was quite easy to wreck a word processed document, for example.  On one occasion I had a panic telephone call from a friend who had inadvertently destroyed his son’s PhD thesis by switching off the computer without realising that the document was still open in the word processor.  I spent a challenged few hours recovering the information from the floppy disk for him!  These days we are lucky enough to have our information survive such a calamity!

Since then and over the last 27 years or so, I have moved through a large number of stages of IT Systems.  From entry level customer support, through software engineering, business analysis, project management, systems architecture, product management, and systems sales & marketing.

I have architected global, multi-million pound systems and run large teams to deliver them in the banking, finance & trading, logistics & warehousing, asset management, airline freight management and many other industries.  I have also personally written and brought to market plenty of commercially released applications on Microsoft Windows computers and, more recently, Google’s Android devices.

The idea for this blog came about because I wanted to share my experiences, thoughts and information within the IT space. As I have covered a vast number of areas from one end of the scale to the other, I have chosen to call this blog “IT Soup To Nuts”; drawing a parallel to a long meal with lots of courses starting with soup and finally ending with nuts.

As an aside – a friend of mine suggested calling this blog “Parma ham & melon to port”.  I like it, but, it would have been a very long URL for the blog pages!!  Thanks anyway, Robert!



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